Sunday, 23 September 2018

Wolf Brotherhood

Nature and Natural Law knows no such thing as 'equality' since to be 'equal' everything has to be the same; it is glaringly obvious to the sane, though not the insane who hold power today, that this can never be so. Thus, in order to create a society based upon this false concept of 'equality' everything has to be made 'equal' by dragging the highest down to the position of the lowest. Being unnatural this means forcing people to comply by the force of law and extreme measures of imprisonment and harassment where this cannot be used. As Operation Werewolf says - 'Only the INFERIOR strive for equality', and this is because only the inferior will strive for equality because they can never be equal to their betters. 

The process has its end result in the dead weight of the inert masses stifling all form of genius and individual creativeness, as we can see in the modern 'progressive' world. Using 'Orwellian Laws' the term 'progress' would really mean 'regress' which is really the true outcome of equality. The other side to the drive for equality is something that at first we would perhaps not equate with this concept - and yet it is the subtle outcome of the drive for equality. This is the 'Age of Dissolution' where race and sex are dissolved into one, where the laws of equality are used to further the agenda of creating a one-sex, one-race world of slaves obedient to their Dark Masters. A relative of mine worked in a pre-school for young children, and whenever a boy played with other boys, or with boy's toys, they were immediately taken away to play with the girls or the girls toys. Now, had this been a natural thing they would not have been playing with anything else but which came natural to them. The teachers were trained to do this, even though they did not agree with what they had to do. This is how equality is forced upon us, but it also serves the agenda of a race-less, sex-less world which is stale, unnatural, and one day will incur the wrath of the Gods and the wrath of Mother Nature. 

So, we need to create a new form of Tribal Society in microcosm, built upon adherence to the Laws of Nature and Cosmic Law - based upon inequality, but equality for all before the Aryan Laws. Yes, this society preaches 'equality' but in practice it has no form of equality before the law. Indeed, whilst enacting laws against 'discrimination' for itself it discriminates in favour of a section of society so as the further their agenda of 'equality' and their New World Order. Discrimination is discrimination, no matter how it is put, but to put on its false 'face' this is 'positive discrimination'. 

The idea of building a Wolf Brotherhood is based upon the need for a Tribal Totem, and one that is related to the Wolf-God, Woden. There are certain things that we need to consider here, and the main one is that the Wolf is the 'hunter' whilst the Sheep is the 'hunted'; the Wolf is the 'predator', whilst the 'sheep' is the prey. If the inert and dull masses wish to be the sheep - the hunted or the prey - then we have to be the wolves - the hunter and the predator. There is the same choice put another way - we can be the Anvil (that is struck) or we can be the Hammer (that strikes). 

We need a new form of Aryan Barbarian whose outlook is based upon instinct and intuition as well as intellect - the Warrior-Thinker. This means that we do not just reject society and 'drop out' become like the 'unwashed' who turn up at Stonehenge etc. Nor does it means we become 'primitive savages' because this is counter-productive to the path to Immortality. What it does mean is that we pass through a more primitive stage, like the Cultic-Warrior sent out into the wilderness and the wild-wood, in order to become whole again, to return to the more wild side of Nature to come out with the knowledge and wisdom to further this struggle. We become the Heri in order to get to the Teuta, whence we 'return' to the tribe as a mature and better man, able to do much more than we have ever done before. We need hardship and struggle in order to gain knowledge and wisdom. 

The wolf is an individual and a pack-animal, a fit Totem Animal for the Wolf Brotherhood. Our strength lies in the individual as part of a whole, because the individual is needed to create individual genius and creativity, whilst the pack is needed for support and protection of the individuals within the pack. 'Birds of a feather flock together' - those of the same kin and kind will come together, and we are applying the Laws of Nature to our work in doing this. 'May the corn be all one sheaf, and the grapes be all one vine' - just another way of putting this.

In a world where the masses dominate, where the 'sheep' rule through the superior weight of numbers, we have to be 'Wolves Amongst The Sheep', waiting for the time when the masses throw off their alien masters in favour of awakening to a higher call. And even this only means a section of the masses, not the majority, since a small section will awaken the whole though their links between each other at a subconscious level. 

To further this we have to accept being 'outlaws' within this society, indeed we welcome the tag of 'Wolf's Heads' since we wish to throw off the shackles of a corrupt and degenerate society in favour of one in which Natural Law reigns, and we live in freedom as our Ancestors did. We accept that this cannot be achieved overnight, so we remain within this society, but we can - at times - withdraw into ourselves to become different and we can dress and live differently when it suits us. Even though this will attract ridicule - which it will. But in the knowledge that those who ridicule us are themselves nothing less than conforming slaves to The System. They are the 'Ultimate Man' of Friedrich Nietzsche. 

We are warriors of the 'wasteland' but we are Cultic Warriors bound by cult and oath to our Gods and Ancestors. There is something stirring again within the English Folk, even though we as yet do not perhaps understand this. Speaking to others who have said much the same, and who are today being drawn towards Woden and the Gods, even more than they were before. This is happening across Europe, the USA and the White Nations worldwide. Yes, their nations are yoked to the Forces of Darkness and Evil through the 'White Traitors' who have betrayed their blood and their kin, but within all of the Nations there is a new stirring - a stirring and awakening of the Aryan Gods. 

At the start of one of our Inner Rites we use the term Ar var alda which occurs in the Helgi Lays and is translated as 'in olden times', which is correct in one way but which means much more. I have gone through this before but will go over it again in the light of new knowledge. 

ar - this means 'first' or 'beginning'.

var - this I am not sure of as to meaning, although in Old Norse var/van means 'lacking' or 'under', whilst vara means 'to warn', to caution' or 'to give one a foreboding of'. 

alda - simply the English 'old' or 'ancient'.

Thus, Ar var alda can mean ''in the beginning', 'in eld time' or indeed 'in the First Time'; I have used capitals since this is the true meaning I wish to look at - 'In the First Time' or 'In the Dawn Time'. This is the same as the Zep Tepi of Egyptian Lore - 'The First Time'. This is really not 'time' but outside the bounds of Time and Space - Eternity. This is when the myths were formed, from which the Archetypal Myths were developed. Why we chant this at the start of this rite is because (as with all true rites) the aim is to set ourselves in a Magical Time which is outside Time and Space and which will thus be bound by different laws or no laws at all. 

This is why we are creating a Spiritual Centre at Woden's Wald, in order to be able to move outside the bounds of Time and Space, to move out of the 'mundane time' into the Magical Time. This means we need to be able to dress differently, to set us apart from the everyday life we lead, and also to create a different 'space' around us, one which is not as the world we live in is, at least not the usual world. We have to break free of this world, even for a short time, in order to create a Magical World in microcosm. This is why I have decided to take the role of working on the esoteric side, since we need to develop this and extend it within the WF-C. The microcosm has to become the macrocosm eventually.

Ritual is designed to take us back to this First Time - the Time of the Gods - when everything was in harmony, when the Gods worked and walked with Man. For even a very short while we need to recreate this Heildom through our rites and bridge the gap between the worlds, to cross that gap to enter new worlds. This is the true aim of ritual. To do so we have started to use Primal Gealdor which is based upon Proto-Germanic, and we can add Old English and Old Norse to this if people are willing to learn, and more so to teach others how it is sounded. I am totally against Old English being revived as an everyday language (*), a complete waste of time and energy, as shown in Wales where this has not worked as it was aimed to - and far more spoke Welsh than those who speak Old English. But I am in complete agreement with using Old English terms (or Proto-Germanic/Old Norse etc.) in ritual because it gives an 'ancient' feel to these rites, and we wish to take ourselves outside of the mundane time - what better way to do so. 

(*) Were Old English to be revived this would make it the language of the masses, which we do not want; when we have regained our freedom, and we have become one in Blood and Soil, then the language can be altered to become a true Germanic Tongue again - but not now, we need it to be a 'Magical Language'.

The Wolf Brotherhood must be an Oath-Brotherhood bound by the same type of Blood-Oath that we undertook years ago at the Wayland's Smithy which to this day remains upon our Sacred Blood Flag which bears the Cross of Fro-Ing and the Edel-Rune of the mystical link between Blood and Soil. The Sacred Blood Flag was given to WF by Wulfgar Grimnir and it is held in trust by Woden's Folk to be used at certain WF and WF-C Rites. The Wolves of Woden will also be based upon the same type of Blood-Oath.

The WF-C cannot in itself be a 'brotherhood' of this kind, since it has to be able to expand and even at this stage have the potential to become a mass-movement, even though it cannot be so today for obvious reasons. It cannot dedicate itself to one Tribal Totem, since like the ancient Germanic Tribes there will be groups whose totem is the Wolf, the Bear, the Boar, the Raven, the Stag, the Serpent etc. etc. We all come under the unifying symbol of the White Dragon which binds us to Ingui as our Divine Ancestor. Hearths will grow and some will take up a particular Totem Animal maybe, but as a whole the WF-C has to become a Folkish Movement that embraces all of these things and more.

This is why we have started to create this kind of Oath Brotherhood which will be based upon the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag and the Ar-Kan Warrior Arts, thus building within the individual the Cultic-Warrior - the Warrior-Thinker who unites strength with intellect, will with intuition, and becomes the 'Whole Man' once more in a world of 'men without chests' (Nietzsche). This is the aim in building a Wolf Brotherhood.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Wolf-Kult of Woden

The Wolves of Woden is a new Wodenic Hearth working from the West Sussex area of England. This has been set up specifically to educate and train ourselves, and then to encourage others to do so with us, growing organically from these small roots. 

Wulfgar and I have started this new venture, and Wulfsson has been working with us, and will start to train with us after we set up the first training session last weekend. Another Folkish Wodenism from the Hampshire area has been invited to join us, we shall begin later to bring others from the South of England into this venture.

The idea, we must admit, stems from the Wolves of Vinland which is no doubt an inspiration to many people, especially in the USA. But our aim is not to build this from the same concepts, although we share many ideals and world-views, and their basis, like ours, is that we separate ourselves from the Established Order, its corruption and degeneracy. We are building this strictly from the ideals that we have held since WF was formed in 1998 -

  • The aim is to adapt the ideas of the 'Biker Clubs' which are based upon the concept of the brotherhood. Ours is, naturally, not a 'biker' club but is a Folkish Wodenist Hearth and will be built around Folkish Wodenists, all with the same world-view and ideals.
  • Each individual must strive to become the Warrior-Thinker, the New Man who will combine the Warrior Ethos ("The Fighter') and the Thinking Man ('The Thinker'). This is the 'Cultured Thug' spoken of by Lord Byron, and suggested by the late Jonathon Bowden. This is the Barb-Aryan that we have spoken of so many times. 
  • The way that we go about this is to try to create new rituals and blots in which the individuals are not shackled by inhibitions, not held back from letting go their emotions. These rites must bring people together as a Woden Brotherhood, based upon Honour & Loyalty - the motto of Woden's Folk.
  • To set ourselves apart we are wearing either a sleeveless denim or sleeveless leather jacket adorned with Folkish Patches and the name 'Wolves of Woden' on the back. This is to set our Wodenic Hearth apart and for people to recognise us as the 'Wolves of Woden'. 
  • This will be a Warrior Order and will be done through strict Initiation Rites which all those entering the Order will undertake - including ourselves of course.
  • We are - Wolves Amongst The Sheep - and this motto will serve to show outsiders what we are about. We are also Wolf's Heads in a world falling apart and destroying itself - we must be 'Men Above The Ruins' (Evola). 
  • Together with this we are concerned with survivalism as a means towards being more self-reliant and able to overcome problems that may at any time arise. 
  • Another part of our work is the Edel-Project which we are now expanding beyond the limits to which it was before; there are other hearths who also take part in this project. Within this we grow our own foodstuffs in order to become a little more self-sufficient, and also to provide healthy food for our families. 
  • We are a Nature Religion and thus take the environment as being of extreme importance. We are building our own Sacred Centre at Woden's Wald. 

Herne's Oak & Woden's Hearg

Most of our work is done at an esoteric level through the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag system which is our own unique Runic System based upon the 33 runes which we feel may stem from At-al-Land, the sunken lands under the North Sea. The Martial Arts is done through Runic-Warrior Combat & Survival

Wulf's Burgh - The Thing-Mound

Wolves of Woden will be hosting various Folk-Moots and activities here in the South of England that will add to the WF-C activities planned for 2019. This will expand our active work, which is always done outdoors. Our work is in Nature and in the wild-wood of England. 

Saturday, 21 July 2018

The creation of a true Woden Brotherhood

This blog will now be used in the service of creating a new form of Aryan Tribalism suited to the time when the Dark Global Empire will collapse into chaos and disorder, as all empires do at the end of their life-span. This Aryan Tribalism must be based upon the values of Honour & Loyalty which has been the watchword of Woden's Folk, and which will be the basis of a new drive through Woden's Folk. 

We can look towards the 'Biker Gangs' in this regard, not so much their way of life and their form but more the essence of these groups. Although, no doubt, there are exceptions to the rule (as with everything) in the main the individuals in such groups look after their own - first and foremost. That they hold regular activities is the key to their bonding together, as is the male-bonding prevalent in such groups. We see within such groups what we do not see within the broad masses of today, the lack of the oppressive 'equality' forced upon us, and the roles of male and female clearly defined. 

The well-known biker gangs sport the 1% patch which suggests that they consider themselves as being a very small minority, a minority that lives within this society but does not consider itself to be part of it. This is something to consider since we too see this as our aim, to be in this society but not to be part of it. The Warrior Ethos forms a good part of this, as does their ethos of honour and loyalty to their own. 

Studying this could prove useful in building a Woden Brotherhood based around the idea of Honour & Loyalty, and also built with a spiritual form around Folkish Wodenism. To an extent we have done this through the work of WF, but it has never been clearly defined. The time has now come, with the proposed structure of the WF-C and WF, to create this through the work of WF and an 'Inner Order'. This work would be based upon the creation of an Aryan Tribalism through such a brotherhood of Folk-Comrades. 

Wulfgar and I have been working on a new project which will give us the freedom to do our work without the problems that we have faced in the past. We shall be asking others to join us in helping out when the time is right. Wulfgar lives in Hampshire and I live in East Sussex, so meeting once a month in West Sussex brings us together at a point almost central to both. This monthly meet-up also ensures that we come together on a regular basis. From this the Wolves of Woden will be born, a new WF-C Hearth that will specialise in the Cultic-Warrior Arts and Esoteric Warrior Arts. This will also incorporate the Runic-Warrior Combat & Survival which is based upon the Martial Arts, Self-Defence and Survivalism. These are now brought under one banner - Woden's Folk. This is a mere part of the process of creating an Inner Order and the Woden Brotherhood. 

There is one thing that will make this project differ from everything we have done so far - only those willing to put 100% into this will be able to take part, and this will be done through the creation of a hierarchy that will develop organically as the project goes on. We have tried this before, but in the past it has lapsed and thus failed. This time there is a need to keep to a clear path and not to stray from the structure we really need to create. Those who take part will be known to each other, and this would be over a number of years. There would be no exceptions to this since trust must be the key to the success of such a venture. There must be no room for distrust, and no room for the negative in this work. 

Because we did not hold a Folk-Moot at Midsummer due to lack of numbers in the past, I decided to hold a very small gathering at a woodland in West Sussex, made up of Wodenic Activists who have known each other for many years. At this I imposed certain strict rules, rules which had to be kept to make it work - and it did work. Whereas before we had rules and no-one really took much notice, at this specialised Folk-Moot these rules were strictly imposed and all took notice of this which was a step forward for us. Thus, what was an experiment, became a success and a small victory for us since we are in such a position as to expand this at the right time. This may be a small step but it will lead to more self-discipline amongst our people and it will start to create a brotherhood of Folkish Wodenists. 

Whereas the WF-C must expand to spread the Word of Woden through the WF-R, there must also be a contraction in the form of the creation of an Inner Order centred around the figure of Wid-Ar as the Spirit of Woden resurrected in a new form. This was done through a secret group known as the Wid-Ar Brotherhood which was not known outside those who took a part in it. Indeed, even those who took part did not know who the others were; this was the means by which we learned a good deal from the meditation and visualisation exercises done on a monthly basis. Again, this was an experiment for the future, and will also become the blueprint for another such group. 

This experiment was a success at the start, but as always after a time people began to lose the drive needed to keep going. This always seems to happen and is something centred around a lack of fanaticism at one level, and also a lack of discipline at another level. Discipline is always necessary to create self-discipline! Now we know better and will be in a position to resurrect such a group with a better chance of success. I do not infer this was not a success, because it gave us more insight into things through the results of visualisations and meditations, but that it could have been a bigger success had it not began to wane through lack of enthusiasm and conviction on the part of certain individuals. Through experience it would be better to start with a smaller group and work upwards, rather than starting with a 'sacred number' which eventually lessens rather than grows stronger and stronger. 

What I see lacking in our Wodenic Rituals is enthusiasm, drive and the ability to 'let go'. We can see the clear difference between a Heathen Rite and a Christian Rite in the TV Series (now Amazon) The Vikings. The drab, dreary Christian Rites are compared with the merry, joyful Heathen Rites, and the way that the Heathen's 'let go', danced and moved around a circle, drumming and playing other Heathen Musical Instruments. We have started the process through our less formal rites with the use of drumming and runic chanting, but there needs to be far more progress in this direction. A raw and primal experience is needed to kick-start the process of gaining access to the 'God-Head' - Woden is the Fury! In ancient Greece (and elsewhere) we find that the rites were set as a kind of 'drama', enacted by the 'players', and no doubt this formed part of Germanic Heathenism too, though word of mouth was the method they used to preserve, nothing being written down. 

The Sutton Hoo helmet and the Swedish bracteate showing Woden and a Wolf-Warrior clearly show that Ritual Warrior-Dances were used by the Germanic Folk. In Spellcraft Kathleen Herbert speaks of the Troiaburh or Walburgen where a special Sun-Dance was performed by moving two steps forward and one step back. Many years ago a Folk-Comrade from the Netherlands mentioned this type of thing related to the Ein ('In'), Zwei (Sway) and Drei (Turn) movement of a Warrior-Dance. The pose of the 'Dancing Warriors' is found in the Long Man of Wilmington. Taking part in such Warrior Dances must also help to create a bonding between brothers within a group. 

We already have our own Ritual Chants such as -

  • The Woden Chant,
  • The Heilir Chant,
  • The Woden Herian Chant.
  • The Wild Huntsman Chant.

There are many more that we need to add, and to set these in new drumming sequences. The aim of the Inner Order must be to devise new rites and rituals for the use of the WF-C, thus attracting more young people into the religion through making the rites much more enjoyable and emotional. The work must entail creating a small group which can be built upon and expanded into a true Woden Brotherhood. 

This process of bonding will also be done through the Warrior Arts, through training together in fitness and the fighting-arts. This was once the basis of the true Martial Arts, where a group of male warriors trained together and thus worked as a group. This is clear from the way that these arts were performed, through constant repetition of moves together as a group. Some forms of modern Martial Arts have dropped the 'forms' and group-training to some extent. But I see a real need for group-work, especially since this is the only means to train for fighting together as a group - which no doubt will one day be needed. The constant repetition of a move is needed in order that it can be performed automatically - 'motor-memory'. But from experience this can prove to be a problem, especially when training involves speed and strength, rather than slow moves ensuring correctness. This is where the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag methods (based upon Tai Chi) come into play, since these are slow, deliberate, moves that need concentration and visualisation at all times. When the moves are correct and become second-nature then strength and speed will follow. 

Due to the distances between us a good deal of the work will be done as individuals, which is an advantage to us in a way. Group training can be done on a set day each month and between this the individual training can be used to perfect the moves. We shall see how this works, and in time there may be a place for more regular training together. As with all individuals, time is the issue and here each one must do what he can, but once a month is the very basic time needed for group-work. 

To kick-start this venture Wulfgar and I have formed the Wolves of Woden which is a new WF-C Hearth working in West Sussex. We hope others will join us in the venture now since a firm base has been set up. This is a specialised hearth working on the Warrior Arts, Survivalism and Woodland Lore. The logo of the Wolves of Woden incorporates the 'Death's Head' symbol and the 'Wolf-Rune' symbol, aptly expressing the role of this new Wodenic Hearth as a Cultic-Warrior Order. We shall do our training outdoors, as befits a Nature Religion based upon - God-in-Nature : God-in-the-Blood. Having started a program of individual training this will now form part of this new project. This is the stage when the 'Lone-Wolf' begins to come together in order to increase the strength of the Movement. 

This does not, as yet, exist in any form, it is in the state of becoming; it is hoped that we can inject some enthusiasm into the Folkish Movement after over twenty years of our existence, a time when things tend to slow down a bit. In a way this is another time of 'rebirth', since such times of change are needed to inject new power into any movement. 

The work that will be done within the Inner Order will be centred around a new Spiritual Centre in West Sussex, a woodland setting which we have named Woden's Wald which will complement (not replace) the original Ur-Centre which is the Long Man of Wilmington in East Sussex. These will be the Spiritual Centres of Woden's Folk, whereas it is most likely that a new Spiritual Centre of the WF-C will be set up in the Midlands or North of England. These two will be distinct and separate parts of one movement, one at the exoteric level (WF-C), the other at the esoteric level (WF).

One of the things that has been recognised through the work of Folkish Wodenism is that the English Tribes did not suddenly invade and replace the 'Celtic' Tribes who were already here in these islands. What we have discovered is that these English Tribes came here to these islands already inhabited by Germanic Folk and Celtic Folk who were considerably Romanised in the main, and who were taking on the Christian Religion which would eventually distort their Folk-Soul. With the discoveries comes the knowledge that these 'Anglo-Saxons' brought with them new ways which must have included new ways to conduct their Folk-Religion. 

Through a study of Silbury Hill, once deemed as 'Celtic' but now known to have been used from the times of the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons, and used as a Thing-Stead, seemingly obvious by the Old English name Seleburg meaning 'Hall-Burg' - the hall upon the mound - we can see the use of much older and ancient sites by the same Germanic Folk. Looking at the Tegeingl who occupied Gwynedd and Anglesey in North Wales, we see how some of the 'Druids' of these times could not have been 'Celtic' but were Germanic, and indeed the 'Sons of Ingwe' or 'Fair Angles'. This clearly shows to us that religious worship by Germanic Folk of these islands was done in the Sacred Tree-Groves, around Sacred Trees (the Irminsul gives a very good example), and around Sacred Stones and no doubt ancient burial-mounds (which had a different use originally). We can thus revive the worship of our gods without formal 'temples' through the use of the hearg (a stone altar) within a Sacred Tree Grove or near to a Sacred Tree. This has already begun through the used of what we call Woden's Hearg placed in Woden's Wald close to what we call Herne's Oak. We already have an Odinist Hof here in England, but for the first time in over a thousand years we now have a sacred place dedicated to Woden - the start of a process of reclaiming our Sacred Land bit by bit from the Forces of Darkness and Chaos. 

Another reason for the changes being made is the need to ensure the survival of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings into the future. The counter-initiation seeks always to destroy these teachings, to destroy the past and thus cut us off from our roots. This can only be done through an Inner Order dedicated to such a task, and will be done through our magazines, books and other publications, the role of Woden's Folk now. In order to reconnect with Nature, to regain that bond between Blood and Soil, we need to hark back to ancient teachings on the subject, as well as modern research into the same. Manu was sent to ensure the survival of the Ancient Vedas, and this has to be the role we today set ourselves, for once again they are in danger of being distorted and lost - though as long as the Sacred Blood survives, the Blood-Memory carries this Ancient Wisdom. 

We were forced to change back in 2014 after a series of problems beset the Movement; today we have to change again in order to ensure our survival into the future and beyond the founder of the Movement. This is essential at this time and although the changes are not drastic, nevertheless they will have a very positive affect upon Folkish Wodenism. They will also mean that we shall be in a position that will increase our strength and should lead to stronger groups in the process. 

We shall not achieve victory overnight, nor in the foreseeable future it would seem. What we thus need is a series of 'small victories' which will encourage people to get more active, to get more involved, and to thus encourage others to join us in this struggle. And we need healthy competition between Wodenic Hearths in order that these become more active and start to expand in numbers. Over the past 20 years we have created a firm base with many of the original WF Activists still with us today. But this must be a base upon which we can build new strength and spread the Word of Woden to a wider audience; for this we also need fanaticism, the religious fervour that forms part of every strong religious movement. 

In every movement or organisation there are two distinct types - the 'supporter' and the 'activist'. Both are essential for the working of the movement or organisation. But the 'supporter' is the bridge to the 'activist', the former being more in number than the latter. The 'activist' has the most essential and key role since he or she does the active work which encourages others to get more involved. The role of the 'supporter' is more passive, yet necessary to get from this section those who do the active work. The more 'activists' the stronger the movement. We can see today how many organisations have a high number of 'supporters' (usually 'Keyboard Warriors') but not a great deal of 'activists', and thus their strength seems far stronger than it really is. This proved the downfall of some sections of English Nationalism, where these 'Keyboard Warriors' did nothing but argue, bicker and fall out over the most trivial things - and this in front of thousands of people over the Internet.

At an Inner Level we will not be interested in numbers, nor in 'supporters', since the role requires that this be built from those already known and trusted, those who are willing to put their all into the Movement. This applies to the exoteric level too, since numbers are not the key to victory, it is quality over quantity that we need. But this is even more important when working at an esoteric level since certain work has to be done in secret due to the nature of esoteric work. 

As Folkish Wodenists we oppose the view that all people are equal, since this is an impossibility since if it were not, everyone would be the same, which they are not. In agreement with the slogan used by Operation Werewolf - 'Only the inferior strive for equality' - we have the need to strive to overcome, to better ourselves, and this natural infers that we cannot be equal to others, striving to become better and to separate ourselves from the inferior. Equality for Equals - Inequality for Unequals (Friedrich Nietzsche). This is personal and individualistic, yet forms part of the creation of the group, the brotherhood. 

Since there are so many of us using the Wolf Totem and names linked to the Wolf, the creation of the Woden Brotherhood as a Wolf Brotherhood seems the most sensible way to go. Thus the Wolves of Woden which forms part of this new project. We are, are we not, Wolf's Heads in a world that rejects our weltanshauung, our ideology and our ideals. But we stand alone in a falling world, a degenerate world that is falling headlong into the abyss. We can, and must, create a New Order based upon the values of our forebears, honouring our Gods and Ancestors. 

To sum this up, there are certain key points to the changes, and key points to this new project -

  • There is a need to create a new Aryan Tribalism, based upon the Barbarian values of the ancient past. We need to 'go back' in order to 'go forward'; this does not mean living in the past but means reviving the past which must become part of the present. This is a 'magical' concept and not easy to understand. 
  • We need to create the 'New Man' based upon Lord Byron's 'cultured thug', as revived by the late Jonathon Bowden. This is the 'Thinking Warrior' combining (as in the ancient past) the Thinker and the Fighter - the Poet and the Warrior. 
  • The Sun and the Moon represents the balance of the two sides of the human brain - the Left and Right Brains. This balance creates what we term the Haeldom which forms the key part to our work today. We symbolise this by using the Right Closed Fist, surmounted by the Crescent Left Hand, as used in certain Martial Arts. This is used as part of the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag.
  • We are the Ar-Kan and we have the role of preserving the 'Arcane Wisdom' which is in danger of being lost. At such times, as history proves, the knowledge needs to be spread around and not kept secret, although certain parts do need some form of secrecy. There is no danger in this since many of these Ancient Mysteries were stolen by the Joten and used by the Counter-Initiation in a distorted form. Only the true Initiate will understand what we are saying, the masses will merely laugh us off as being 'insane' or in need of 'medication'. 
  • The Ar-Kan Rune-Lag forms the basis of the Cultic Warrior Arts of the 'Wolves of Woden'; this is the method we shall use to preserve this ancient wisdom, to study this ancient wisdom and to use this knowledge to aid the survival of our Folk, and thus to heal the wounded Earth. The Ar-Kan Rune-Lag will form a Teaching Program at an esoteric level. 
  • We shall study the ancient concept of the Vril, the Odic Force, the Od, the Ki/Chi, the 'Vital Force', or whatever name it is called by various traditions. This is something that, when known, would give us a distinct advantage over our enemies. This is definitely not an easy subject and there are so many 'experts' and yet few seem to have experienced seeing this used properly - though there are examples. This is linked to the awakening of the Fire-Serpent. The Vril-Force is considered to be the force used to contact Higher Powers, and this needs careful study. 
  • We shall try to create our own unique form of the Warrior Arts based upon English Lore and suited to the English Folk, though structured so as to be easily tailored for the use of other Aryan Nations. This must not be done as some form of egoism, but in order to create something that will awaken the latent powers within the Folk, and this needs to be suited to the English Folk since we shall be working here in England. I am well aware that our work needs to be taken from other traditions of the Martial Arts, but this has been done time and time again when passed from one culture to another. We once had our own tradition but due to the lack of written records in Germania this has been lost to us, thus the need to consult other traditions, and there is a 'universal' basis to all these in any case.